Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dr-Judi Cinéas June 9th

With her extensive experience in Counseling and Behavior Modification Dr. Judi Cinéas, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker founded Living The Dream, an organization providing counseling services and life coaching with guidance and support to overcome hurdles. This organization can be helpful to individuals as well as groups, especially in times of challenge or change. Living The Dream focuses on assisting individuals in tapping the resources within themselves to maximize their potential and reach their personal and professional goals.
Living The Dream provides services that are results driven and convenient for our clients. For this reason, our services are made easily available to our clients. Serviced are delivered in client-centered formats that allows us to serve our clients in a manner that is most effective for them. We take advantage of the many technological tools available to help us provide confidential, secure high quality services to clients. Many of our clients attend their scheduled sessions via telephone, while others elect to have us come to their location. Our goal is to help our clients get the results they seek, and we continue to find innovative ways to give our clients access to these live changing experiences.

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