Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Tarot Life Coach February 9th 11am EST 424-757-1425 Free Readings

Tonya Melendez believes Tarot is an ancient form of counseling rather than fortune-telling. For her a reading captures the essence of the moment as experienced by the client, picking up on influences or lessons from their past and showing possibilities for the future.
Love, career, relationships, money….. Let Tonya help you find the ANSWERS to LIFE’S many questions from an intuitive, spiritual perspective.
Tonya is a licensed Spiritual counselor, with many years of practice and clients all over the World. She has known she was psychic as a child and has been growing her gift for over 20 years. She brings years of study with renowned teachers; Rev. Michael Beckwith, Edwene Gaines, Mary Manin Morrissey, Cheryl Richardson, Neale Donald Walsh, Rev. Jennifer Hadley, Sonia Choquette, Colette Baron-Reid, James Van Praggh and many more.
In addition, she is a healer and psychic medium, bringing messages from loved ones who have passed away, crystal healing therapy, chakra balancing and teacher, and she is also a certified yoga instructor.

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  1. I've had something brought to my attention today which led to a much needed realization. Through a slow process that began years before I wrote my book, quite simply put, my heart was closing. I am experiencing first hand in the cycles of life a long awaited transformation, which I knew I needed cerebrally (even in my book) but I couldn't feel emotionally since my heart space had over time become locked-up tighter than a drum unbeknownst to me.

    Everything had become mental and responded to mentally or technologically. I wondered "What happened to me?" since my life had become cold, dry and somewhat empty. I missed the enchantment of the woods and the sensation of a breeze across my face. I looked to the past for memories of those types of things rather than living in the present moment, which wasn't happening because I was mechanically micro-managing everything rather than trusting in the universe.

    I blamed the way I felt on New Hampshire, or the weather, even though mentally I know better, but I couldn't "feel" it. Holding myself heavily responsible with guilt down to a science for every horrid addiction of the past and the consequences of them, social incidences that could have been dealt with better, failed relationships and every perceived imperfection, I was unable to forgive myself and move forward with my heart instead of just my brain.

    Today, I removed the albatross of life's ocean from around my neck, clinging to and drowning me...and aspire to travel a higher road.

  2. Tonya. Thanks for the reminder!