Thursday, May 3, 2012

Saturday Night Psychics May 5th 5pm ET Call 424-757-1425 Free Readings

MyBTRN™ Presents

Saturday Night Psychics™

5pm The Pet Psychic™ Diane Gianlorenzo  is a professional pet psychic and spirit medium, animal communicator and intuitive reader.  She works with spirits on the other side and still in body.  She appears on many radio shows as a guest and has even been the host of her own show.   Through her galleries and psychic phone readings she is able to fulfill her purpose of serving others by bringing them messages from their deceased loved ones (both human and pets) as well as connecting with the higher selves of pets still in body, called animal communication.  Diane 'reads' the energy of pets and people to help them heal, grow and learn.  Her work has been described as "therapeutic", "very healing", "extremely specific" and "downright freaky"!
 Call 386-308-1356 or visit to schedule a private session.

Have you ever wished you could talk to the animals? The Pet Psychic can facilitate the communication between you and your animals on earth as well as those who have crossed over. Join The Pet Psychic on the Being Talk Radio Network. Communicate with your pets, past and present through the abilities of The Pet Psychic

Angel Communicator Kerry Lopasky is a third generation reader with the unique ability of connecting physically and spiritually with her clients. Through working with Archangels, angels and fairies she is able to act as a mesanger between realms and guide clients along their intended path

The Intuitive Life Coach™ Ron Ash offers advice on relationships, career, life path and finance. Through Dream Interpretation, Oracle Readings, Celtic Runes and his natural born ability to connect Ron will help you find the answers you seek. Ron is an inspirational radio personality, author and teacher of Universal Law. He is a gifted clairvoyant, empathic as well as a telepathic and as such has the wonderful ability to identify the root of many issues, access problems and formulate an effective approach and resolution.

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