Friday, June 15, 2012

Saturday Night Psychics™ June 16th 5pm ET 424-757-1425 Free Readings

Saturday Night Psychics™

An awesome way to start your Saturday night.  Join host Ron Ash the Intuitive Life Coach™ and select members of the BTRN™ team for two hours of free readings, life coaching and laughs.  Call 424-757-1425 Saturdays from 5pm-7pm EST.

5pm The Pet Psychic™ Diane Gianlorenzo Reach out and communicate with your loved ones on earth and in spirit via Diane Gianlorenzo.  Join Diane Gianlorenzo spirit communicator for humans and animals Wednesdays at 11am eastern on the Being Talk Radio Network.   Accurate-Therapeutic-Healing call Diane Gianlorenzo Pet Psychic at   386-308-1356 or visit

6PM The Gay Psychic™ Michael Carbone is a natural born psychic medium and has visited the other side numerous times. Michael is a psychic medium working with the following skills: * Psychic * Psychic Intuitive * Medium * Empath * Angel Reader * Claicognizant * Corporate Psychic * Clairvoyant * Spiritual Guide Messages * Clairaudient * Pet Communicator * Clairsentient. He is very caring and compassionate and enjoys helping those in need. He is a published author as well as a host of his own show on BlogTalkRadio. He is also the founder of Be The Light Metaphysical Center

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