Friday, October 5, 2012

Being with Ron Ash with Elizabeth Hanley and Sean Bianca October 5th 11am EST 424-757-1425 to Participate

Elizabeth Hanley Wouldn't it be great if every time you ran into a problem you could just say No Problem! I can handle this and feel sure that things would be okay. No Problem! gives you easy to use and easy to understand information that helps you focus on solutions. And enjoy a No Problem! life. A few years ago librarian Elizabeth Hanley was struggling with some very difficult problems which all seemed to fall on her one after the other. No sooner did she get over one problem and another would bring her down. As a librarian with access to thousands of books, Elizabeth used her researching techniques to analyse what the experts and bestselling self-help authors had to say about problem solving including Dr Phillip McGraw, Dale Carnegie, Stephen Covey and life coach guru Anthony Robbins. Hanley found from reading over 100 self-help books on the subject that the core message of problem solving came down to a simple formula which she calls, the 'Four Simple Tools' and from these tools she was able to form a clear-cut plan to assist her in her life and help others have a No Problem! life.

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