Friday, December 2, 2011

Tonight 12/2 at 10pm ET Rev. Shar on Being with Ron Ash Call 424-757-1425 to Participate

A2Zen.FM Host
Rev Shar
Friday 10pm ET
 Join Rev. Shar for light hearted yet deep exploration of the limitations we all experience in patterned living. Shar's intuitive ability will help you gain empowerment by illuminating repetitive patterns that are holding you back. Join Shar and her guests as they see beyond the surface to explore the depths from within. Her esoteric approach will amaze you as she explores the ever widening state of human consciousness with other fringe thinkers and alternative health professionals. Call in and join in these mind blowing conversations or for an intuitive look at the limiting patterns in your life.
As a graduate of The Silva Method, a Reiki Teacher, Ordained Minister and Spiritual Counselor, Rev. Schwengler has developed the experience of seeing beyond the surface to explore the inner depths of consciousness.

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