Monday, August 20, 2012

Being with Ron Ash with Lisa Baretta August 21st 11am ET 424-757-1425

11am Lisa Barretta  As the earth passes upwards from below to above the central plane of the Milky Way galaxy sometime in 2012, a new portal into spiritual development is opening. A popular psychic, astrologer and bestselling author, Lisa Barretta has written The Book of Transformation: Open Yourself to Psychic Evolution, the Rebirth of the World, and the Empowering Shift Pioneered by the Indigos to help us prepare for, grow and thrive during the powerful vibrational occurrence that will change everything we know and experience.

She explains that through a dynamic, revolutionary DNA activation, humans are evolving into lighter, more sentient psychic beings––homosentients––and she teaches us to discover and use our natural abilities to thrive through the upcoming phases of profound awakening.

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